रोमांस का देश फ्रांस | Amazing Facts About France In Hindi | France Facts | Facts Read

रोमांस का देश फ्रांस | Amazing Facts About France In Hindi | France Facts | Facts Read
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Hello friends today we will talk about France country
Friend France’s culture, historical heritage and tourist spot has always been the center of attraction around the world. here’s fashion, music, literature, art and food worldwide.
Friends this is why this country today has become the most revolving country in the whole world
So let’s come friends know some interesting things of France
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The word France has its origin from the Latin language word francia meaning France ‘s earth friends this country is spread across 643101 sq. km. in terms it is Europe’ s largest and 43rd largest country in the world.
The population of France stands at 6.7 crores according to which its country ranks 19th in the world.
Friends in history France used to rule country on around 10% of whole world after England but today this country is one of five countries.
France became a founding member of the European Union in 1993, a group of 28 countries to promote peace, democracy and economic stability. How the official language of France is French even though French speakers are more than French in Africa.
The GDP of this country is 2.6 trillion dollars and in this sense the 7th rank in the world of this country
The average per capita income here is 41463 dollerus and is one of the countries with highest per capita income
Name the President of France is Imanual Macron.
Here’s the currency euro
And 1 euro is around rupees 86 according to Indian currency
The cowling code of this country is +33 and the people here drive the car always in the Wright side only
Guys do you know 26 countries have been independent of France out of all who celebrate independence day
The France state flag between 1814 and 1830 was without any colour symbol and plain white of borders. the present flag of France was built during the French revolution in 1794. this flag is designed with vertical stripes of blue white and red as a tricolour.
If talk our India we have only one time zone in India but one in France not two but 12 time jonus
% of migrants from other countries all over the world have named France as the third place after America and Canada.
The gallic ruster name is cock the national animal of France and the national bird both
Highest mountain in France is blanc with height of which is 4809 m.
122 year old Jannie callemont was a woman living in France named guinness book of world record as the world’s oldest person
A country with the highest novel awards in literature has been France
Rememberance of things past is the longest ever Nobel in the world to write record named by the French author ermacel proust
In France if someone called swine n napoleon he can also be jailed in that case because doing so over there is a punishable crime.
Urban population of France far above rural population where 85% people dwell in cities. only 15% people stay in village
Friends this country has very less number of people who have faith in religion. only 8% of the total population here considers a


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