【4K】WALK Beach FRANCE documentary 4K VIDEO travel vlog TV

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【4K】WALK Banyuls sur Mer BEACH FRANCE documentary 4K VIDEO travel vlog

4k walking tour in Banyuls sur Mer in the region of Occitanie or Languedoc Roussillon in the south of France ( Francia ). It is a charming town for vacation in southern France, perfect for walking tours. It has a beautiful beach to get a tan in a bikini on the Mediterranean ( Mar Mediterraneo ) as well as for hiking. 4k walk with me!! Let’s virtual hike! I will be walking in France for several days with different city walks ( 4k walks ). Take this virtual tour watching this travel video 4k during the summer in the south of France. This is slow tv and reality tv and you can virtual walk from your sofa enjoying videos 4k. I enjoyed tourism in France with people on the beach for this reality show during my vacation working for this travel channel! This travel vlogger loved recording this cinematic 4k hdr video!

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  2. Very nice beach, only is better an send,yes send beach ,more better,then stone,what can doing, but very nice,dosnt metter!Beautiful place!

  3. I think I found the beach, no to many rocks, got to keep walking. Well this might be a beach, no I see boats, got to keep walking. Well after 13 minutes I’m tired, guess I’ll go where those other people are taking a bath.

  4. Praia de CASCALHO???…Praia feia….e MULHERES mais feias ainda…..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!…………..

  5. Another good example of my kind of place to live in France: in the south, not far away from the Mediterranean or Atlantic coast, and it's not a heavy populated place like as Marseille… and it's also not Paris or Lyon either!

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