10 Beautiful Towns to Visit in France 4K 🇫🇷 | Must See French Towns

10 Beautiful Towns to Visit in France ! Some of the best places to visit in France are right here in this travel video. Featuring french towns and tourist attractions such as Provence, Mont Blanc, Etretat, Colmar and many more! So if its your first time visiting France then try some of these French towns or french villages instead of the popular cities! For More Travel Videos check out the playlist below !

France Travel Guide

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  1. Vous avez bien ciblé les villes et villages pittoresques de France, bravo !!! Et il y en a beaucoup d'autres..😀🏖️😊🇨🇵🇨🇵

  2. Personnaly, i suggest : GERARDMER. A town located in the vosges mountains in north eastern France ! Very beautiful lake and huge pine forest !

  3. Carcassonne is beautiful but don't go there during summer/main season You can go crowd surfing then.

  4. Just discovered your channel! Wow!Stunningly dreamy footage, with stirringly beautiful music & eloquent commentary. Love the videos!!!😁👍🏼

  5. I would like to live in the north of the France one day, I hope to succeed. It is a magnificent place. Greetings from Sicily, Italy

  6. I've been to Annecy for work. It is beautiful and the people were very friendly. I want to back as a visitor.

  7. Not Viselay, Vézelay, the first e is NOT pronounced like and i (in French), you need to learn to pronounce the town names properly

  8. Video would be even better if after showing town name, you had a map of France then zoomed into the department and town so we would be oriented. Lovely video. I’ve added some to my vacation plans.

  9. These French Villages are beautiful. Thank you. France has a beautiful coastline. I love the castles and towns.

  10. You must have done ZERO research!!!! you said there was nothing to see in Colmar!! Frederick August BARTHOLDIE was born and lived there and I visited his house when I was in Colmar! that's a big deal. you must have really made the people from Colmar really happy when you made this video! NOT !!! HELLO STATUE OF LIBERTY! ONE IN PARIS ONE IN NEW YORK! JEEZ!!!

  11. Thank you for wonderful video! It is really interesting and motivating!  Cannot wait when all of us start travel again!  Thank you for helping to promote tourism!

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