2018 WORLD CUP FINAL: France 4-2 Croatia

France won the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ after defeating Croatia 4-2 in a thoroughly entertaining Final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow in what was a fitting end to an outstanding tournament.

Goals from Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe secured victory for Les Bleus.

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  1. Did not like the final tbh. I mean an OG a Penalty and the last goal was just silly.
    The other half of the goals were great.

  2. Argentina reaction on on this final:
    Which team should we support 🤔?
    Croatia??? No never they defeated us very badly 3-0 😫😡 and we had a brawl with them so no we will not support cro in final
    France??? Umm It was a tight game 4-3 very close hmmm not bad, WAIT THEY WERE THE TEAM TO ELIMINATE US FROM THE WORLD CUP NO NEVER 😡
    wait then which team do I support😅

  3. Korruptes Spiel, kein Freistoß kein Elfmeter für Frankreich und trozdem gegeben korrupte Schweine, Frankreich hat nicht verdient gewonnen.

  4. How in the world Croatia made it to the finals is beyond me. They really have a mediocre team. Some great individual players but they had an extremely easy road to the final and still could only get one real goal.

  5. I'm from South Korea and i'm 12years old soccer player and we respect europe or south american soccer but South Korea will be world cup champion soon. remember.

  6. If Croatia won that day, everything would've change. No one knows when will be another opurtunity for us.

  7. As 17 years of age, I have watched 3 world cups in total (2010, 2014, 2018). So far this 2018 final was my least favorite.

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