After Rafales, Now AUKUS Snubbed France Likely To Offer Its Leclerc Main Battle Tank To Indian Army

France is likely to offer its ‘Killer Machine’ – Leclerc main battle tanks to India. The French government has said it would back Nexter’s industrial proposal for India. In June 2021, 12 companies received requests for information from the Indian government.
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  1. It is stupid rather then this buy the American MBT under make in india there hardware and software are the worlds best

  2. happy about their offer – yet hopeful that we will start to build tech for ourselves like we manu Vaccine and supplied whole world for free ❤️

  3. India’s politics and distaste for some manufacturing countries leave little choice but to buy second best equipment

  4. Seems that many of the countries that are anywhere near China are buying, or making new tanks, fighters, ships drones etc.
    I wonder why??

  5. India is an extra rich country but a lot of Indians love to live in slum areas. Lack of clean water and washrooms.

  6. كل الحروب التي خاضها الفرنسيون بأحدث الأسلحة من كل الأصناف و الأنواع كانت نهايتها خروجهم من ساحات المعارك بالركلات من الخلف،الحرب الفيتنامية و الحرب الجزائرية…..

  7. During NATO tank-competition in Latvia the French crew in a Leclerc Tank surpassed, during this challenge, the American M1A2 Abrams, German, Spanish and Norwegian Leopard 2s, Italian Ariete C1 and Polish P91

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