Anti-lockdown protests grip Australia, clashes erupt in Sydney • FRANCE 24 English

Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Australia’s two largest cities on Saturday, with several arrested in Sydney after violent clashes with police.

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  1. Several dozen times more people die of other diseases, such as cancer, thrombosis, and have any of us seen such actions? What a nonsense that it is about our welfare and health. Why the economy and agriculture are degrading. Who is driving it? Does this someone dare to show us a face? Does this someone or they control the politicians? What is the ultimate goal of these actions against humanity?

  2. Caipuhan pa ini niyan o dire na?
    "So many dead," recalls Mr Ameal, now aged 103, of what he saw that autumn of 1918, when he caught the virus known around the world as Spanish flu – a pandemic that is thought to have killed at least 50 million people."
    "Mr Ameal remembers inhaling vapours from cooked seaweed and eucalyptus leaves. He says those who were saved in Luarca owed much to a doctor called Don Ceferino, who visited the sick without charge."
    – James Badcock, Pepe's story: How I survived Spanish flu. Madrid, 20 May 2018

  3. 1 dose doesn't stop spreaf or refuse it like they just said. It lowers the risk of you ending up in the hospital. You still get sick and can spread it.

  4. I think out of all this madness of covid the people have seen world wide how corrupt our mainstream media is with the truth and hypocrisy and lies that have covered this whole sorry affair….

  5. Sorceries = φάρμακια (pharmaceuticals) in the original text.
    23and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

  6. How dose it reduce your chances of spreading it. When we all know you can still catch it even after 💉💉💉. Make some sense lady!!!

  7. Why do you thing all this is happening in every country? They wand to conquer and dived us! They want all the common and poor dead! The elite believe they are the elite! We need to show them that this planet is for us All it's our planet! We either all die together or all live together! We are not elite we are people!

  8. SS POLICE are threatening innocent people to silence the truth to control us and strip us of everything we have, we are suppose to obey and hand over our freedom rights and liberty to a controlled greedy grabbing power hungry politicians . Do as i say or be arrested there's no debate we own you and control you

  9. The way the Australian media pushes a PRO LOCKDOWN narrative is HORRIFYING!!
    ALL these so called "journalists ' are getting THEIR paychecks..& riots are GOOD for ratings!!

  10. It's not about lockdown it's about fake methods of control they are calling passports and force being used to make us submit to an extremely toxic jab

  11. The more doses as she says the more covid!! That's one of the ways they are spreading it. Do not have the lethal toxic jab. Switch off your 5g.

  12. She looks like out of a horror movie-we have politicians like Gove, so fkn weird looking they would make a good pair. Frankenstein's helpers

  13. Fight my Australian friends, FIGHT! This is why they disarmed you and now you need to fight with everything you can for your futures freedom!

  14. Pay people to stay home and no one will protest…if you can not work and feed your family of course you go in the street and protest…violently if needed.

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