Belgium vs. France preview: Has France recovered from their Euro 2020 disaster? | ESPN FC

France return to European competition against Belgium in the UEFA Nations League, and the ESPN FC panel debate whether or not the France team has put their issues from Euro 2020 behind them.

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  1. For 👆 I actually personally feel that appreciation would just be less because they’re such an adorable as well as such humble so who actually not only understood people’s problem but also stand to help.

  2. Lukaku been incredibly I have to also say Hernandez is making France a solid team but France need Kante in Midfielder Benzema and Mbappe been impressive

  3. At the moment he better than neymar but at first psg offer him more lower than neymar in is first contract offers.

  4. Why people look mbappe and call him ego boy, during Ronaldo and Messi prime time they where the highest paid players, and they free to leave but mbappe time he not free to leave, and also not the highest paid player. But psg knows without mbappe they will achieve nothing. Not even with Messi and Neymar there.

  5. I think Belgium 3 – France 3

    Edit: Almost half time: still 0-0 , I predicted for six goals, now I am not sure if I am going to see 1 goal 🤔

  6. With Doku, Vanheusden, Saelemaekers, De Ketelaere,… Belgium will have some followup for this generation. They just need another world class striker for the future

  7. Okay will be waiting to see Stevie and Gab when Belgium wins this too….let's just see how it goes .😆😆

  8. man im so anxious. whatever you think about us Belgium. Dont you agree that this deserve atleast some trohpy or tournament win for what they have giving the world?

  9. Everyone is always talking about Belgium being past their time, but they have a great generation incoming. Belgium even has good young defenders like Vanheusden (22 years old) and Theaté (21 years old), idk why Martinez won't use them though…

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