Britain snubbed as France hosts Channel talks following migrant disaster • FRANCE 24 English

#France hosts a meeting of European ministers on Sunday to discuss ways to stop #migrants crossing the #Channel in dinghies, but without Britain, which has been excluded following a row last week.

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  1. Boris we are on are own the EU don't care. Stop the boat's now. Use the navy we need ships in the water not planes or drone's how can they stop them. You need man power for God sake why won't you listen. This is now an invasion Churchill would be going mad

  2. This total insult to U.K. Boris rip up and active article 16 tomorrow or get out no 10 Liz Truss next PM she has balls

  3. Britain not attending the meeting is like playing a football match with just one team, but the French do not want priti there because she will find out how the French organise the boat trips across the channel for illegals

  4. It's an interna and domestic issues. British shouldn't be invited if European union wanted to solve all challenges that is facing.

  5. Chicken Soup can't be made without Chicken, 😋 so migrants crisis can't be solved without Britain even if the EU meets a thousand times.

  6. Britain are nothing to do with Europe anymore 🍾🥳
    And the eu doesn't need to involve Britain at all. Britain should mind its own business! 🇪🇺

  7. How is that cultural enrichment going europe? Diversity is our strength, right?

    Meanwhile, apparently studies that show "non-citizens" being the majority suspects in shreksual violence "stuggle snuggles" are swept under the rug.

    Europe sure loves pewpew-ing itself in the foot. Western nations sure seem to be adamant on letting the woke cancer rot away their society. They will only have themeselves to blame as their culture degrades into a gray sludge of irrelevancy. Cope and seethe as you watch your society, children and culture become the minority.

  8. Well, I hope the Dutch, Belgians, Germans and the French, can come up with ideas, if there is another sinking, don't look at us for blame. The French decided to uninvite us.

  9. Stop bombing the Yemen. Stop sanctioning the countries that are trying to rebuild after wars. Stop US UK illegal regime-change laws.

  10. Tells you everything you want to know about the French. It is unrepeatable on this channel.
    Let's go Macron.

  11. You'll actually get something done without Priti Useless .. blah blah blah .. not the sharpest knife in drawer and a like all thicko's a bully ..

  12. Out of EU, deal breaking, non-compliance to international law, Brexit a disaster, two-face liars running the country, debt-on-debt, lining pockets and whatnot. Migrants crossing the Channel must be treated according to Int. Law, period. The UK is behaving – as always – like a spoiled brat.

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