British lawmaker stabbed to death in church • FRANCE 24 English

David Amess, a lawmaker in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party, was stabbed to death in a church on Friday by a man who walked into a meeting with voters from his electoral district, police said. France 24’s correspondent Benedict Paviot has the latest.

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  1. What kind of security can be expected for commoners when MPs are getting stabbed. Bizzare. Rest in peace!!

  2. "still trying to peice all this together".
    They arrested the suspect, with blood on his hands, carrying the weapon.
    And France 24 is trying to figure out what happened.
    You completely forgot to mention that this occurred on the Anniversary of the murder of Samuel Paty.

  3. Import the third world get third world problems. Gone are the days on this island where we can walk without being impeded on in the interest of security. We opened our doors to the horrors of the third world and this is the result. Politicians who have run this open borders experiment should be sued

  4. "These things happen in a big city. People just have to get used to being stabbed to death." ~ Mayor Khan

  5. One things for sure it's the only religion that really acts when threatened, they are united and anyone of them can come out of the shadows at anytime, and that's why they are very efficient but also feared and respected.

  6. Lots of people get stabbed every week in UK the Tory party don't care..Why the fuss now I wonder..Could it be that he's a Tory…..whoop de doo.

  7. What a mess! He will be sorely missed.

    Amess had a quirk of mentioning Basildon in every PMQ in the British House of Commons,(when he was the constituency MP).

  8. Our Borders are open to thousands of these type of murderers. Free house,food and medical for ALL Asylum Seekers. British war Vetrans sleeping on the streets. Pathetic.

  9. Let the enemy in, what could go wrong…hmmmmmmmm
    Stabbings: up
    Rapes: up
    Murders: up
    Theft: up
    Child Trafficking: up
    Anything I’ve missed?

  10. Wealthy white man gets stabbed. All over the news. Countless black youth get stabbed. NOTHING. F this biased white privilege bullsh1t. WHERES THE COVERAGE FOR THE MAJORITY OF VICTIMS?

  11. Rest assured, we're going to get to the bottom this, and justice will be done to any who says inappropriate illegal statements on social media.

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