1. The defender intentionally touches the ball (even slightly) and deviates it from its trajectory, before it reaches Mabppé's feet. So no offside. That's the rule.

  2. Var stole the show. Instead of us talking about how good both teams were, we are talking about VAR. How is that 2nd goal not offside is beyond me. Wtf

  3. España de milagro llegó a esa final, no se la merecían,,,pero bueno, me alegro de q Benzema le haya anotado tremendo golazo a los españoles en el entrenamiento jajajaja jajajaja…

  4. For those who wonder if there was offside on Mbappé’s goal: the defender the touch with the tip of his foot which puts the ball back in play

  5. What a goal that was by Benzema. And people talk about Harry Kane.

    Lol Hate him or love him, Pogba is a hell of a player the haters France are back in business 🇫🇷

  6. whats the point of var ??i the goal was off side ..and sorry spain to go 1 zero up and then give the equalizing goal in same minute is disgusting.. they might have good players but i think spain team going back to the days when they won nothing!! mentality to win not their


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