1. I am terribly sorry for the Croatian team, I absolutely love the style of a number of their players. They were not lucky today. I don't care results, I love the beauty of the play itself, especially the spring-up swingy powerful serves from players who do that. Both the French and the Croatian team (Samanta Fabris (13) same age as my daughter ) had players who could do that. I am from Hungary, and am a fan of the Hungarian, team, but our team has no player who could perform serves like so. I think the French team is not only lucky, but relaxed, and has a number of excellent players, so all their matches will be enjoyable, too.

  2. So many suprise this time. Underdog team saw the best perfomance.. gicquel & herlena are very talented player in france.. can be a star one day time.. young player. I hope women france volleyball qualify in olympic paris 2024.. they was very great teamwork.. all the best against serbia.. we knows serbia is good team.. but anything can happen.. i pray for france to be a winner… so proud of you girls 💪💪💪👍

  3. turkey is the 4th and highest ranking european team in FIVB ranking, got third place in Nations League and 5th place in the olympics. so far they have had a great season and seem to be one of the favorites along with Serbia

  4. So many surprises. Underdogs are fighting to the end. First Sweden eliminates Bulgaria & now France shows Croatia the exit door. This euro volley full of excitement & surprises.

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