France accuses UK of violating Brexit fishing deal | DW News

The UK and the European Union wrangled for months over a deal that was supposed to regulate their post-Brexit trade relationship. But almost a year after it went into force, the squabbling continues. French fishermen say London’s not honoring its side of the bargain by refusing to grant access to its waters – and now Paris is threatening to take action.


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  1. To hear the French complain and threaten the British, you would think it was all about the British fishing in French waters. No, the problem isn't the British are not issuing enough licenses, it's simply that French politicians just won't tell the truth to their fishermen about the deal they negotiated. In addition to all the noise they're making, the French have been caught on several occasions fishing in no-go areas, established to prevent overfishing. "But Emperor Macron, the people have no fish! Well, let them eat chips!

  2. The way our government is behaving is an absolute disgrace. Rest assured our French friends, many of us in the UK feel your pain.

  3. that's all the vaunted European family and European values ahaha, I've always said, isolate Europe from the world and they will gnaw each other in a year.

  4. Many fish migrate. Because the Brits closed their waters to the Norwegians (and vise versa), the Hering and Macherell moving from the areas in Norway where they hatched from egg towards UK waters are now being fished at a too small size on the Norwegian side (legal size but not optimal) because they can't catch them on the other side. The Brits don't like these fish and don't fish them. Loss-loss.

  5. The UK could always trade fishing licences with the return of illegal immigrants whom the French refuse to stop!

  6. The sea is being raped, by industrial fishing methods, around the world. Its unsustainable. On top of climate change, and plastic pollution.
    Human kind trashing the planet, and its future.

  7. The French government lied to their own fishermen, its very simple prove they historically fished there and via EU rules which means you record GPS history logs. It's not difficult but clearly for the French they were pirating the waters. So your f**king headline is wrong DW. Sort your news editor out. French fishermans claims are nonsense, they should ask their government why they signed them down the river. Still the French are now promoting themselves globally as a country that takes, and cries, and whines, and delivers 2nd rate 20th century over inflated defence cr*p. No one will want to buy from them again. Well there you have it

  8. You talk of honour? In 1940 – this was French honour "…force would be met by force" ~ Admiral Marcel – Bruno Gensoul.

  9. Sad to witness Britain transforming itself into the naughty boy in the back row of the classroom. Signing up to the NI protocol, signing up to the fishing deal, but working hard to weasel their way out of both commitments. It is embarrassing what empty, populist promises and a bunch of clowns in government can do to a previously good country and good neighbour in 5 years.

  10. Neither side can put hand on heart and say they are adhering to the brexit withdrawal agreement. If the EU say it is part of the agreement to frustrate trade between the UK and northern Ireland then they have adhered to the agreement if the EU say it's part of the agreement to blockade British ports then it has adhered to the agreement, if the EU says it's part of the agreement that boats with no previous record of fishing in British waters can fish in british waters then the EU is adhering to the agreement.
    So what's the problem.

  11. The only thing that can be relied upon is that "Lord" Frost and Johnson will renege on any agreement, lie and change their arguments like so much shifting sand, Brexiteers cannot be trusted and consistently negotiate in bad faith only.
    The EU knows this from years of bitter experience but at least are handling the situation with dignity and understanding.

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