France: Protesters clash with police in rally against health pass and vaccinations

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Several rallies took place across France on Wednesday, near Place de Clichy, in the north of Paris, against the health pass and new measures announced by French President, Emmanuel Macron, two days earlier.

Slogans, such as ‘Against the dictatorship’ and ‘Against the sanitary pass’, could be heard in the ranks of the demonstration. Riot police were deployed, as they were seen chasing protesters, but also backing off from a group of participants in the rally.

Various dumpsters and dust bins around the city were seen burning, and an excavator vehicle was also set alight.

The rallies were organised in reaction to Macron’s announcements on Monday evening regarding the mandatory vaccination for caregivers and several other professions, as well as restrictions for the unvaccinated and the need for a health pass in most public places.

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