France v Argentina | 2018 FIFA World Cup | Match Highlights

France and Argentina played out a FIFA World Cup classic in the Round of 16 at Russia 2018. Kylian Mbappe starred in Les Bleus’ epic 4-3 comeback as Argentina and Lionel Messi exited the tournament.

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  1. 1st goal (France): 13 minutes
    1st goal (Argentina): 41 minutes
    2nd goal (Argentina): 48 minutes
    2nd goal (France): 57 minutes
    3rd goal (France): 64 minutes
    4th goal (France): 68 minutes
    3rd goal (Argentina): 90+ minutes

  2. Antonie. Ángel Di María
    Griezmann. Gabriel Mercado
    Benjamin Pavard. Sergio Agüero
    Kylian Mbappe.
    Octavos de Final

  3. Argentina deserve to win that match but France was lucky and now Argentina is much powerful than 2018. Vamos Argentina

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  5. That guy who scored 2-1for argentina just didnt know that he whould get the ball on his feet and that was a funny goal i laughed sso much

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  7. Argentina lost due to their poor defense and Goal Keeper. If Emiliano Martinez was there it would be finished in another way.

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