France v New Zealand | Match Highlights | Autumn Nations Series

All the action from a HISTORIC evening in Paris as France defeated the All Blacks for the first time on home soil since 2000.

It was an incredible end to the calendar year for Les Bleus, who will have an upper hand on New Zealand ahead of their Rugby World Cup clash in 2023.

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  1. i think 2023 will be as good as 2019!, having experianced multiple world cups in home countries, winners and loser laughs at uk 2015, you hope france make final, but would be great to have a new winner albiet a team who has almost done multiple times! unless fiji or argentina as a huge outsider!

  2. Some dads should be very proud of theirs sons ( Ntamack and Penaud ) who decided to follow their fathers steps …. Good job France and much respect for NZ Team !

  3. NZ have been on the decline since 2017. No Captain really and an aging 2nd row past their prime. The domestic NZ game is also insular with only offshore games against weak OZ teams, they can't see the faults at Test level until its too late. Foster is not up to it as a head coach and is from the old boys club that failed to even make the 2019 RWC final. Talk about being stale.
    The results speak for themselves. Against European opposition, its 3 heavy losses in the last 2 years.

    Fresh blood, both with a new coach and players and a game plan refresh is needed.

  4. Francia, cuando mentalmente esta fuerte, es imbatible. Individualmente, el equipo mas talentoso del mundo, sin dudas. Viva Francia, saludos desde ARG.

  5. To any New Zealand fans reading this; hang in there. Being a Springboks fan I know how it feels when your team goes through something like this. The All Blacks will definitely bounce back from this. Love from South Africa 🇿🇦 .

  6. Can someone explain me why there was a yellow card ? (dont know everything about rugby rules yet) Thanks !

  7. The purests will understand this statement!!! France are better to watch than New Zealand when they really turn back the clock an just play.

  8. James Haskell once said that France can beat anyone in the world & he's right. They have an abundance of talent but they luck consistency & structure. They have a big powerful pack, arguably the best scrum-half in the world currently & deadly wingers. 2023 is their best chance of winning the RWC but if they peak too soon I don't know…

  9. Firstly great victory to France and congratulations you look sensational at this time.Did anyone notice the first try to France should have been a penalty to ABs instead.Tupea was takin out of the defensive play by French 11.Barnes on the ball is per usual, early advantage is early momentum .. still a great victory no matter what.I look forward to the coming years of rugby.

  10. If you've watched rugby for the last 20 years or so, you know that every now and again the French pull off a game like this one. It's usually against the AB's too. Then they go back to mostly ordinary standards until the next time they decide to play like this.

  11. The French are currently a massive powerhouse in the sporting world, Football World Champions and will probably be again next year, definitely contenders to win the Rugby World Cup and have always been a top team, Moto GP world champion crowned a month ago and finished 8th in the 2020 Olympics with 33 medals.

  12. Amazing rugby match! Best of the year for me. Sacred performance of France. Allez les bleus. Steph from Fullerton California

  13. Think this is the first time in my lifetime where I can genuinely say that northern hemisphere rugby is stronger than southern hemisphere rugby. New Zealand have always had this other worldly aura around them. But they just looked like another very good rugby team. Australia look in trouble. They didn't look like they could beat any of the top six nations sides. South Africa still looking very strong and they lost to England at Twickenham by one point to a last gasp penalty. Argentina looked very week. To balance it out, all 6 nations teams were at home in front of full houses so there was a significant home advantage there. But overall I was surprised by how ordinary the southern hemisphere teams looked.

  14. Welcome back to world Rugby France..You have been away far too long..
    Clive woodward stated you were sleeping giants and boy he was right!!

  15. AB getting used to being TO By best in Europe …been coming for a while and most likely continue

  16. Wow awesome win France – it's just highlights but I don't think I've ever seen the AllBlacks miss so many tackles!

  17. all blacks превратились в сборную России по футболу – такие же безвольные

  18. And english commentator said new zealand will have an "easier" match against France, last time they played against Ireland. I hope that it'll teach the commentators to shut their mouths before speaking, what a dumbass he was, he didn't know anything about rugby to say such bullshit

  19. The only reason the all blacks are losing is because Ian Foster keep on picking the wrong squad but he is doing well so far we could have won all his games but you need to lose to win

  20. England beat the best team in the world at the weekend but everyone is going on about France like the are now dead certs for the World Cup… strange

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