Furious France scraps UK migrant talks after 'unacceptable' letter • FRANCE 24 English

#France on Friday scrapped planned talks with the #UK about #migrant crossings after an “unacceptable” letter from British Prime Minister Boris #Johnson, pushing relations to new lows after 27 people died in the Channel. FRANCE 24’s International Affairs Editor Armen Georgian tells us more.

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  1. Does this media aware about the massacre of the 6,000 Ethiopian National by TPLF last november 2020?, If the answer is yes. Then why this media scared to talk about the massacre of the Ethiopian National army by TPLF? Actually, there is no different between the American Navies massacred by the Japanese in 1941 and the Ethiopian National Army massacred by TPLF in 2020. The different of the act of the massacre was that the Japanese were the foreign enemies and the TPLF are the country born enemies.

  2. Then maybe the UK should start destroying the boats being used to cross the Channel instead of returning them to France to be used again.
    Yes, this is happening.

  3. 🤬🤬 porque se enoja el presidente de Francia si Francia ,Alemania, Inglaterra, Noruega Suesia,Irlanda,Bejica ,y otros son los que se ofreciero regalar sus paises a Los Musulmanes cuando en realidad son los paises Musulmanes que deberian de ayudar a sus fieles seguidores Musulmanes mejor que cierre el ocico el frances y que se aguante .🤣🤣

  4. Someone please wipe his tears, please because Boris has whacked him just too hard this time around or Ambulance please. 🚑

  5. Just how at all the French population elected this Kid called Macron who is tossed and spurned by Boris on every single issue whether it's Northern Ireland, Fishing dispute or the migrants crisis…🤣🤣🤣

  6. Out comes the tommy tippee Cup and the excuses to hide behind petty points scoring crap point scoring for political gains, Belarus mk2

  7. French pride and political squabbling seem to override those souls who now rest on the floor of the English Channel. Shame on them all. I hope this secures the end of Macron's political future.

  8. France is furious because Johnson made public a letter setting out proposals to deal with the migrant crisis and so has cancelled talks to deal with the migrant crisis. Can anyone explain to me how this makes any sense?

  9. Any College student with a basic grasp of Epidemiology would say BAN ALL NON-ESSENTIAL AIR TRAVEL ALL OVER THE WORLD but sadly most basic research scientists are not stepping forward to advise A BAN on ALL NON-ESSENTIAL AIR TRAVEL EVERYWHERE … panic just a tad pleeese … 30 odd mutations DO NOT ARISE SPONTANEOUSLY IN ONE VIRAL STRAIN AT ONCE .. Omicron has been engineered by sentient beings .. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 101 DUH …

  10. How is France refusing to take them back different from what Lukashenko is doing. Ideally, all Western countries should tear up all refugee treaties they signed and deport all illegals, but the EU is hypocritically as usual doing the same thing they condemn others for doing. The UK should pull a Lukashenko and supply illegals who want to go to the EU with a dinghy and send them across the Channel to Europe.

  11. PRITI PATEL: GO TO HELL. When the UK left the EU they lost the right to send people back to the country they came from, or anywhere else come to that. Treat genuine refugees with compassion; illegal migrants, put them on the next plane back to the country they came from. SIMPLE REALLY. WHY ALL THIS FASCIST TALK?

  12. Asylum should be granted by the first safe country. If the EU wants to divvy up that responsibility, is up to them.
    However, not stopping , or indeed aiding refugees to cross the channel is reprehensible.

  13. Tell the truth you french are over the moon when the migrants leave you and head to the UK, DONT TRY AND KID A KIDDER.

  14. To bad the UK left the EU. Under EU law they could send these people back to the first country they entered. Now they have to keep them.
    Even though Brexit was all about immigration…. lmao

  15. He need to get a grip the stupidity of this fellow is unbelievable. Stop using Brexit’s to get votes that’s all he doing. The uk should just stop all imports from France. We don’t need French ports just build more uk ports and bypass all French ports and revoke all fishing licenses. Use the Royal Navy to impound all illegal boats. We don’t need French goods imports. Build up our own power generation to stop imported power from France. All if this can be done in just a decade if our politicians put there minds to it. Ban all French owned companies from operating in the uk. If they want to try and bully us let’s should them what payback looks like. Also active article 16 and get fully out of the EU grip as we voted for.

  16. So why is France sending illegals to Britain we are not part of the EU, they send them here and we can't return them, what this man says doesn't make sense. He said EU countries can send migrants from one EU country to another EU country????

  17. This issue exists solely due to the EU's Dublin Treaty of which France and NOT the UK is a signatory of. The Ball is definitely on the French/EU side. Own it!

  18. The UK must see there is no way this French government can be trusted to behave like a normal country towards the UK.
    Revoke all French fishing vessels licences immediately.
    Expell the French Ambassador and embassy staff from the UK.
    Ban ALL French produce from entering the UK.

  19. Mr Macron is up for re-election very soon isn't he? Could really do without his playing to the audience drama llama antics while people's lives are at stake.

  20. The Fench are, and always have been, liars, cheats, thieves and hypocrites and always will be.

  21. Macron and the French murdered these people
    The letter also states that the UK have offered and tried to help Migrants Crossing
    Who were the one's who were watching them getting into boats and start to cross the Channel the French Police
    Macron is blaming the UK but evidence proves the French are doing nothing to stop

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