How France’s Colonial Past Explains Its Racism Today

Despite resistance from French elite, there’ve been growing calls for France to recognize and apologize for its violent colonization of millions of people in Africa and Asia. In fact, by 1901, France ruled 79 million people over 4.6 million square miles.

“Where would France be without its colonies in the Caribbean?” asks Professor Mame-Fatou Niang. “Where would France be without its huge possessions in Sub-Saharan Africa? Where would France be without its possessions in Asia, without Algeria?”

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  1. Coward racist imperialist Baguette empire
    Always gets beaten anf pissed off by a punch of non-white nomads and peasants

  2. Fake website pretending to be a worlwide opinion, and protecting colored illegals in the name of "diversity".

  3. Racism cannot be eliminated by decrees. It must be eliminated from the heart through education and empathy.

  4. Trust me, France was the best colonial power you could’ve hoped for. Only European power that gives colonials any rights

  5. No matter how much historical facts you represent to fascists they won't understand. We need a WW2 type response to these fascists so they will learn it the German way. Unfortunately the only language they understand is violence.

  6. Racism and African/Asian slavi in Arabia…

    AJ+ 🤐🤐🤐🤐 let's talk about racism in France..

    Me: well why not Arabia? People bragged about me being white and said horrible things to Africans things I never even thought of and I was shocked I literally thought I was in Nazi Germany…

    AJ+ will probably say I'm lying, but shame on them for lying

  7. The saddest part is that after people watch this they will STILL be nasty, ignorant, arrogant, racist, colonizers.

  8. This year alone, just that i know of, france dropped bombs in mali killing over 20 people in a village wedding and 3 kids later that month. In france, a politician (who faced no repercussions whatsoever) shouted at a muslim school teacher, in front of her own child which made him cry, to remove her hijab. Its outrageous. France's white supremacist and global hegemony of neocolonial terror continues to this day. Awareness is the first step to action and organizing against this and the larger issue of neocolonialism and imperialism in general.

  9. Racism in France !!! Get a life, France have the the biggest Muslim population in Europe…..this channel is pure propaganda !

  10. I completely disagree with this attitude and I find it shameful. If you hate France for its colonialist past, fine. That is valid given the history. But if you immigrate to France and refuse to integrate into their culture so you can "demand justice" and divide their society, you are completely wrong and you deserve to be kicked out of their country.

    I don't understand what is the intention of immigrants in France. If you hate it, why go there? Are you trying to overturn it from the inside? Because trust me, that's more of a loss for the immigrant as they now have to immigrate to another peaceful country.

    What is the point of all this? Fighting fire with fire? If you want to fight France's colonial history you do it in international courts, not by disrupting the peace of ordinary and innocent French citizens..

    France should apologize for its past and its invasion and pillaging of countries especially in Africa. But trying to create chaos inside France as a "payback" is not the answer!


  12. I don't like living in France. The French citizens even suffer from high, unreasonable taxes. People, if you think your nation are still under French rule then fight hard to resist it and build your own paradise. France is for tourism, don't come too close.
    ~ From a Vietnamese

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