Josephine Baker: the world’s first Black superstar enters France's Pantheon • FRANCE 24

Josephine Baker was the world’s first Black superstar – a revolutionary performer, world-famous singer, movie star, spy for the French resistance, and civil rights activist.

As she is honoured with a place in France’s revered Pantheon monument, Eve Jackson speaks to her son Brian Bouillon Baker, who tells us what it was like to be the child of one of the most famous performers of the 20th century.

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  1. Mixed race??? Stop deluding our culture! She was a black woman and black people accepted her. It was the American PC people who hated her.

  2. They are giving her a place to rest in the Pantheon but the French Government literally threw her out of her home for back taxes.

  3. Second tier woke channel!! Tina Turner is now 82 years old and no single wokeness that she had to preach.. lol. People simply love her songs!!

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