Montenegro's highway to debt: Unfinished Chinese road comes with strings attached • FRANCE 24

Back in 2015, #Montenegro contracted a whopping €1 billion loan from #China. The aim was to pay a Chinese contractor to build a #highway allowing faster access to remote parts of the country. But six years later, the work is nowhere near complete and the money has already been spent. To make matters worse, the contract states that if Montenegro ends up being unable to repay the loan, it will have to give up some of its territory to China. Our France 2 colleagues report, with FRANCE 24’s Olivia Bizot.

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  1. how is this debt trap? This would be same if they would take the debt from other countries! Would the IS just say, nah okay! We give you all! You need not pay back! At least something is built! Blame yourself for not realizing the cost of roads and other things prior to the deals!

  2. Can anyone imagine how bad were other credits and creditors when Montenegro chose Chinese option. And for the truth it would be nice to hear how western creditors destroyed Greece…. They got credit on credit on credit…. Now European Banks and funds taking everything they can….. Islands, rivers, land , companies and paradoxically debt level is still enormous….. It's not about China… it's about corruption….

  3. A country with less one million people want to build a expensive road.
    Asked loan from all european banks, got rejected.
    ask loan from China, got the loan.

    And now, the road is going finish, and suddenly realize they not able to pay the loan and it's time to play the politic card.

    Hey, EU, can you pay for us? otherwise China will take our country.

  4. Montenegro should be happy. There is a road. If western country like France was building this road, the money will be gone and not a single km was built. Why, you ask? France will go through all the money by presentation, study this, study that, and in the end the money is gone. The CEO and the corrupt will be paid but not a single km was built. Sorry France the truth hurts, and if montenegro did not pay, will bomb and invade, like algeria and morocco

  5. Why do u allow all workers to be Chinese, Don't u have engineers and contractors?For me ,I don't blame the Chinese company cuz both parties have to agree to enhance win-win

  6. How do Montenegro officials sign such contracts and don't follow up the project?.Let us see how they will pay or solve the problem

  7. Western paid media have no good new to tell abt china.
    USA killed 11 Innocent people in drone attack in Afghanistan. Stop killing Innocent people western countries

  8. Here's a loan to build your home. But you can only use our workers who don't speak English. Oh look they took all your loan money and only built a small portion of the house. Are you going to fund the rest our of pocket? Can't afford it? Your land is mine then.

  9. China will want to show the success of Belt and road, China will come with something to show the world they are good investors.

  10. The contract states that only chinese courts can mediate a dispute… That's a few million dollars/eur signature right there.

  11. China is renowed for completing projects, because the project is a means to an end,. not an end in itself, I smell western interference here as this is part of the Silk Road project

  12. Chinese debt $40 trillion, now they begin transferring the debt overseas, Montenegro should take this to International Arbitration Court

  13. Every loan is a debt trap if you can't repay it. The money has already been spent by whom? I never heard the contractor can delay project without paying liquidated damages. If the problem is caused by Montenegro's government, then what does this have to do with China.

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