Stephen A. "Goes Crazy" Team USA fall to France 83-76 – First loss in the Olympics since 2004

Stephen A. “Goes Crazy” France hands the U.S. men’s basketball team their first loss in the Olympics since 2004, snapping their 25-game Olympics winning streak


  1. This should put the KD leadership question to bed, once and for all. The glaring thing about this team is, THEY HAVE NO FLOOR GENERAL!!!

  2. NBA players no longer know how to play team ball. They are encouraged to play hero ball. Every NBA team plays this way. Big man no longer needed. I hope they lose the next 5 games. They don't seem to realize this will affect their multi million dollar contracts.

  3. Please stop!!! A guy has a good year, and wins a championship. The fans and talking heads right away name him the dominate force, and swears he's changed the league. The truth is until someone dominates consistently, for multiple years and wins multiple championships; the King is still the King.

  4. to much loser player in this line up…
    where is stephen curry?? and other best player in NBA?? don't under estimate the other country by selecting those loser

  5. Not good def time to rethink who we place in a team together because France had NBA. Players playing the game and being more of a team. Who practiced together and build a healthy chemistry and court communication.

  6. Very lazy bad USA coaches who may be drank much sake last night lol and sleeping during the games, lol or got too much MSG food drug from Asian Japanese food lol. Also attitude ! Careless and cocky USA players who thought they are always number one. Lol during time USA 76 and France 74. There were over 5 missing shooting from USA team trying at once, Then made very bad violations and got penalties Lol shame on USA Professinal players. Congratulations to French!

  7. Serves them right when they are down on there knees, a sign of submission and all there fans are wearing the diaper on there face like serfs, at least in France they are fighting, it's all connected, america is in decline.

  8. Yeah don't matter about gian.him and many of today's players will never compare to 92 dream team and 94 dream team.thats why I keep saying these basket ball players over paid for sucky skills.pure talent was Jordan,bird,magic,dumars,Kemp,all the true ballers of 80s and 90s.they beat all country's by 20 points or more in the Olympics.And your comparing these new players to them.helll naw they suck period.they barely win by 4 to 10 points.dont compare greatness of 92 to these lames in this generation.lmao.they suck.

  9. That's really a big problem when you use all scorers in the NBA no one plays defense LOL!!!
    It hurts you a lot because they are use to play scripted bullshit game in the League!!!

  10. When there is no leader like Curry and Lebron or Kobe around, voice out and leading and showing the team what to do. All will be gone. I'm sorry that I have to say tht Durant still can't be a leader yet, he doesn't have the mentalilty and of course what makes you want to listen to him from the behaviour he shown. So until there is a firm leader on the court, and build a team with balance, and stop all the 3s, there is midrange and paint!!!

  11. Role definition my ass just put damien booker tatum kd bam in the starting line up if kd was a leader which he is not he would play PF

  12. Everyone is overreacting to USA losing… I’m not an American, but truth is, 🇺🇸 has the best talent and league and the rest of the world knows it, so they all want to beat them badly… when your the best, you get the best out of everyone else.

  13. Original Dream Team: Is this what you have done with our legacy? Do we need to come out of retirement and show you how to play basketball?

  14. This team sucks, they have no big man, Bam is is not a big man… and no one mentioned Pop??? They were winning the last qtr by 7pts with 3 1/2 min, and they managed to score only 2 pts and let France score all the points, they should fell embarasse with such a f… up..

  15. WHERE IS STEPHEN A? so you lied on your title to get VIEWS? please YOUTUBE don't suggest this channel to me.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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