Stephen A. ‘incredibly disappointed’ Team USA fall to France 83-76 1st loss in Olympics since 2004

Stephen A. ‘incredibly disappointed’ Team USA fall to France 83-76 1st loss in Olympics since 2004


  1. Most NBA players can ONLY play in today's NBA. If they drive to the basket and don't hear a whistle and 2 shots they don't know what to do next

  2. WHAT ? Team USA lost in Basketball ? What Covid has ruin everyone's playing ability? This is down right disgusting, I have seen NOTHING but some huge disappoints with the USA athletes. Come on USA !

  3. The americans live in a sports bubble spending billions on their leagues blowing smoke up their own butts ..when they go international they get brought down to earth.

  4. NBA is gonna be blame… why??? They coached some French athlete like Gobert, Dicolo, Forneire, Parker, Batum, Diaw, etc…🎃🎃🎃🎃

  5. is signals to others that USA is not invincible. gone are the days of supremacy. USA always has to prove they are the best players on the planet and is not. now is the time, respect is given to other nations who could play better team basketball.

  6. I'm French so sorry for my English. I don't think it's Popovich fault. The real problem is your lack of defense. When defense was fundamental in NBA, nothing bad happen to team USA. Right now, a lot of American players have forgotten the fundamentals of the game. Ball don't lie.

  7. Popabitch needs to give his job to a black man that loves the USA and appreciates what she offers everyone

  8. Go woke, teams a joke, keep it up and go broke!! Ha ha! Popabitch! To busy worrying about racism in the USA!

  9. They cheated and realized what he said but facts is facts Soviet union cheated the USA that year. They had mad chances and all calls went their way like the fix was in. USA was mayor favorites so if you bet big you won big

  10. Never understood how these guys can play for team USA. Do a DNA test…. a super majority of these guys dna comes from West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. black Americans are so confused, it’s sad that they want to be American sooo bad, but America treats them like garbage, your insane to drape yourself in that flag when all it has done is bring pain to you and everything you represent as a human being

  11. Stephen never understood FIBA Basketball. He might be a good expert on NBA, but not on world basketball. I don't blame him.
    Do not forget this USA team is not as strong as last time in Brazil.

  12. This is what happens when you focus on activism instead of the actual sport blm this and not standing for the American anthem that while the world shutting tf up and dribbling

  13. Too many liberals in the team who wish to take a knee….IN GOD WE TRUST is not important any more.

  14. But How If You Got "THE GREATEST "

  15. USA Team badly coached and badly prepared. Teams coached well and prepared well will win. Also, ISO plays don't work!

  16. Maybe they should've gotten a rebounding center, like Dwight Howard or Javale Mcgee. But yeah, USA fell greatly behind in the talented or dominant big department.

  17. Half of America is rooting against Team USA. I’m one of them. Love to see these arrogant wokesters get humbled.

  18. Kevin Durant and Draymond Greene should NOT be considered star players, and should NOT be considered pieces of any team. These players are jokes

  19. If USA want to win the title, USA needs to tackle the flopping issue. How to make right calls and take serious action on floppers. This makes defense non existance since players might wan to avoid being flopped as well. Next is to bring back defensive plays back!!

  20. We have stars on the Olympics Team USA, but this is not a team that can win gold. They are not strong enough, skilled yes, cohesively no. Other teams are playing physical basketball, shooting threes, and playing team ball. The team needs to change strategy.

  21. If somebody in this world has money, dont forget you stand in my ground. And my ground is the world my Box.boy

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