Team USA Basketball Loses Opener, STUNNED By France! | PATHETIC Loss, First Since 2004 Olympics!


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  1. Yay. clowns hate America. I vote The United States withdraw from public funded sports. Any olympic team needs to be privately funded. I don't want to pay for those that hate us. Believe I am not alone with this belief. DRS / RVN Vet.

  2. The only way I’m watching any Olympic coverage this year is people talking about it on YouTube.
    I think I caught a little track and field in a bar from the Beijing olympics but I just despise the entire thing.

  3. No Excuses… This NBA team stinks to high heaven… The USA should use College All Americans. The NBA does not know how to play team ball anymore.

  4. Our athletes hate the country they represent while we root against our own country because we hate our athletes. If ever you needed more proof that our country has been subverted, there it is.

  5. The US Men's Basketball Team lost because they were practicing woke activism and socialism instead of keeping their heads in the game and practicing their craft. There is no other reason. They deserve their loss.

  6. Why are people shitting on France? They're one of the better basketball teams outside of the US. Like sure Team USA is at its weakest right now but like, last Olympics they barely won against France (100 – 97). It's way more humiliating to lose to Nigeria or Australia if you ask me…

  7. Maybe they don't have people carrying their bags , lace their shoes , or hand deliver their specially prepared meals !!! They can't be expected to play their best with these appalling conditions !!! Oh yeah ,I forgot to mention ,their not getting paid in the Olympics

  8. If you look at the people from the other teams, when their national anthem plays, they stand proudly. No kneelers in those teams. It’s only the US and some western europe nations like sweden that are allowing creatures to kneel when the national anthem plays.

  9. They don't care about losing.
    It's not like they represent their country or anything.
    They can take comfort in the fact that they are as pathetic as the US women's soccer team.

  10. This is EXACTLY like the 92' dream team. Has everyone forgotten history?!? That team didn't play well together either. They were BEATEN by an bunch of college kids in a practice game. If you act like your superstars and think you don't need to practice together, you are gunna get beaten especially when other countries also have a few NBA stars and they are FOCUSED on taking you down!

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