Team USA falls to France in Olympics opener | SportsCenter

Team USA falls to France in Olympics opener | SportsCenter
Tim Legler joins SportsCenter to discuss Team USA men’s basketball falling to France 83-76 in the Olympics opener. France handed Team USA their 1st loss in the Olympics since 2004.

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  1. Most USA teams across the board are thrown together a few weeks before the Olympics. Other countries teams practice together for years. The USA is going to keep losing if they keep throwing together teams at the last moment like they do.

  2. France and Team USA rematch for gold. Want be close by the middle of 4th quarter. Team USA is a different monster right now.

  3. Fiba has been dominated by Big Man and USA got none and you can't win if every single offense is a 3 point shot or Iso, and no defense.

  4. the center defense is WEAK, france center dominated them, that the price for USA pay for 3pts play & flops. BRING BACK 1996-2008 GAME !!!!

  5. funny I had to do some fbi level detecting to find highlights for this game. still haven't found any. this is the closest thing. what's up with that huh? I can't understand chinese or spanish. how bout dat.

  6. Overrated and arrogant, USA says world champions when talking about NBA. Naive as its not a world cup and now we see how avarage those guys are. Beaten like lil boys and lost also to Nigeria and Australia in preparation.

  7. Dont forget some of the best Teams in Europe are almoust equal to NBA teams now for example Barcelona…

  8. Well done France…. beat the wokesters… did not watch the game but heard about it… When the priviledged millionaires lecture us on our priviledge well guess what… not gonna support you.

  9. Maybe if their coach wasn’t so busy giving speeches in White Privilege and spent more time on playing the game he has the Priviledge of coaching he would’ve won

  10. Warning, Youtube, you need to delete this because the privileged and insane Left will take "offense" to sanity. The USA is racist and essentially only allows 20 percent of the population (Blacks) to play basketball. Other countries, that are smaller and don't have a huge professional league like the NBA or huge semi-professional colleges, but simply are not racist, and allow all people to play, are better due to not being racist.

  11. Good to see these woke, oppressed “victims” and their virtue signaling coach lose. They don’t like the US anyway.

  12. The original USA team that included M Jordan and Magic , and the Dream Team 2 That had Shaq would have never ever lost.. They would beat teams by 50 without breaking a sweat !

  13. so nice to see these self-righteous arrogant billionaires get beaten..LOLOL….. hope they fire their race-baiting self-hating coach

  14. This game was fixed and rigged. I bet USA (dream team btw) will win 11+ points and missed only that on my bettings for 1 500 euros. I am sad I can't report them anywhere since I know mafia is involved. 5:23 till end, time out was called and I know, they will end the fix that they started, literally after the time out one USA team rushes to defend 3 pointers and one French player is alone under the basket, no one around him 3 meters. After that one French player alone like a ghost for a 3 pointer. Whole game USA didn't have counter attack points, whole game they didn't jump offensive rebounds, except when they started losing.

  15. Coach Chuck Daly of the 92 DT didn't even bothered to call a time-out.
    Didn't even bother to create complex offensive system.
    He just let them play ao
    Drive-Drop-Kick-Dive-Spot offense.
    Suffocating defense and awesome transition game , and excellent passing team, from all range.
    The players talk among themselves and communicated what they would do on both ends.

    I would believe today's USA/NBA players are more skilled than the 90's, but the 90's DT Guyz just works much harder and thinks much smarter.

  16. Even in the NBA Gobert plays more like international style. If you have experience in both arenas, you understand the differences and are in a better position. I am not surprised that France, with five NBA players, is competitive with the U.S. It does show that there is a lot of lazy, indolent defense in the NBA.

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  18. The US Men's Basketball Team lost because they were practicing woke activism and socialism instead of keeping their heads in the game and practicing their craft. There is no other reason. They deserve their loss.

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