Team USA Men's Basketball Suffers Stunning Loss to France in the Olympics | CBS Sports HQ

NBA Champion Avery Johnson breaks down the big opening loss from Team USA.

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  1. Sooooo glad you lost WOKE AMERICAN KNEELING TEAM..YOU DESERVE PAY BACK FOR TURNING AGAINST YOUR COUNTRY..From a Texas lady not watching Olympic political crap!!!!!

  2. When you have too many stars on one team they all play too relaxed and complacent thinking they're too good for other teams when in actuality they need to step up and put in the work instead of expecting your names to win the game

  3. What Avery doesn't mention is that these USA teams are supposed to dominate and roll right through these International teams. even ONE loss is a disgrace and utter disappointment. Same with the #1 USA women's soccer team getting out classes and destroyed by their bitter rival, #5 Sweden.

    Hard to gel and build team chemistry when brand building,Twitter and woke politics is your main hustle.

  4. I'm very happy the NBA players got whipped. A WOKE team usually loses because that's what happens to traitors and hypocrites. HA HA HA!

  5. The oldest Tournament where spartans have played ..where Nero roman emporer was playn ..u think that athletes dont want the Gold?hahhaomg thats the problem with usa u realy have problems …u think u the best and when u lose u lost because u wanted to lose haha USA lost because they think they the best and the media is to blame not greg because pop told from the start no team is weak even the Dream Team have won in 92 just because yugoslavia was in war and not on the olympics because they fall apart. one year b4 yugoslavia won over usa in 91 this is why the dream team was build in 92 to play against Yugoslavia but the arrogant american dont even know what Yugoslavia was in Basketball but they think they know History of this Sport hm …and today they say usa dream team won eazy the olympics yhea for sure when the biggest rival wasnt playn , imagine today yugoslavia usa would have no chance , Slovenia Serbia Croatia Bosnia Montenegro Macedonia = Yugoslavia only Jokic Doncic would destroy u all .. its sad that on media u dont hear that Fact of 92 that the USA Dreamteam was build for Yugoslavia ..somehow a skip or stephen a should know that and the disrespect against all Slavic players when they start playing in Nba is crazy look Jokic or Doncic they were mobbed so much but obviously they realy good now – the question is why they do that? …USA should keep it real …Europe is balling & god damn u lost to France what u will do to Slovenia or Serbia ? be lucky that Serbia didnt go to Olympia this year because Jokic didnt wanted to play

  6. You only choke when you are totally woke. So go home, have a smoke, because next year you might be broke!

  7. why team USA lost? 1 NBA and its refs are soft unlike Olympic and FIBA, 2 Basketball is getting more popular in the world

  8. Go woke and go broke. All these oppressed millionaires are too soft to play world class basketball.


  10. You deserve to lose..keep kneeling and being are not a team..just like you are not proud to be an American

  11. I've been disappointed in some of the USA athletes' conduct, win or lose. Classically, the Olympics are about fair competition, team play, good will, and fellowship. Not taunting, swagger, cockiness, showboating, and poor sportsmanship. Americans think all they have to do is show and win, especially those sports that were born in the US. Seems like on every global stage, Americans love to demonstrate their arrogance. Not all of them, but all it takes is a few to get us branded as assholes who deserve to lose. A lesson learned in this basketball loss to France? Pfff, I don't think so.

  12. Maybe the NBA should go to France to get players . Pampered, dumb a$$,woke NBA players are pathetic . Coached by a has been. LMAO.

  13. Bring back the college players, at least they were fun to watch and still played for the love of the game. NBA. your a joke and I will be laughing for days at your ass whooping.

  14. The US Men's Basketball Team lost because they were practicing woke activism and socialism instead of keeping their heads in the game and practicing their craft. There is no other reason. They deserve their loss.

  15. Today's NBA players are trash! Can we go back to sending college players to the Olympics? Would that send a message?

  16. Hope y'all keep losing and when you do, take long nice look at that US flag as you walk of the court. Yuhhhhh

  17. This IS THE WACKEST TEAM OF PRO'S EVER! THIS IS AN IMBARASSMENT! Avery's somewhat disappointed! He's the wrong coach. WHO'S THE MAN? They're all but a few NBA ELITE! UNBELIEVABLE.

  18. Some players don't step up b'cuz The KANG ain't there. It shouldn't take particular people to be there to make you rise UP. Draymon is not it! LeBron an A.D. major missing pieces. WHO LEFT LaMelo off? Dummies.

  19. So happy to see these jokers losing, they better be around Kim Kardashian or Kendall Jenner in cameras.

  20. They could have done just dropped the knee….. then noone would remember the score and loss or out of form players are…. oh wait… nfl already did that

  21. Coach Chuck Daly of the 92 DT didn't even bothered to call a time-out.
    Didn't even bother to create complex offensive system.
    He just defined roles and let them play
    Drive-Drop-Kick-Dive-Spot offense.
    Suffocating defense and awesome transition game , and excellent passing team, from all range.
    The players talk among themselves and communicated what they would do on both ends.

    I would believe today's USA/NBA players are more skilled than the 90's, but the 90's DT Guyz just works much harder and thinks much smarter.

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