Team USA was ’flat-out outplayed’ in loss to France – Brian Windhorst | SportsCenter

Team USA was ’flat-out outplayed’ in loss to France – Brian Windhorst | SportsCenter
Brian Windhorst joins SportsCenter to discuss Team USA men’s basketball falling 83-76 to France in the Olympics opener. France handed Team USA their first loss in the Olympics since 2004.
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  1. Myles Turner These guys help teams do the things that stars don't do And it makes the team more balance

  2. Brian Windhorst AKA lebum's lapdog whining that this bunch of woke players lost. Hope USA won't win a medal

  3. USA doesn't like the way the ball looks. I think that that basketball is messing with their head.

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  5. USA was up 7 with under 4 mins to play. They were also up 10 pts at one point in the 2nd half. That's not totally out played!! That's lack of composure in the end game

  6. If the NBA adopted FIBA rules, the league would be a bunch of unwatchable brickfests

    And people think that's real basketball?

    I guess they think 82-80 brickfests disguised as REAL TOUGH PHYSICAL DEFENSE would be good.

    We had that in the late 90s early 2000s, it was the worst era in basketball history.

  7. This goes to history!!! Basketball Nation USA lost last 2021 olympic? Who were the players then?🤣🤣🤣 this goes to your children's children how they get outplayed or how poor they prepared🤣

  8. I'm English but never cheered for France more. Perhaps Americans will learn world champion is not New York vs Los Angeles.

  9. You just dont expect to win it all the time, face it man other teams just get better! A loss is a loss nuff said. 👍

  10. they need a lebron lol! none of the superstars can play make haha! lebron still the best in the league

  11. If they get Bronze, then count the USA lucky and very fortunate. The international game is going to expose selfish NBA play.

  12. Why do you guys keep saying and acting as if these NBA players are the best in the world? Since when the NBA encompasses "the world"? The last time I checked, the NBA centers around America, with a few foreigners in between, but once they tie themselves to an NBA team, their playing is limited to the NBA. Having said all of that, there might very well be much better players elsewhere. The NBA is not "the world". Stop it! You guys talk as if these guys are entitled to win simply because they play in the NBA. Doesn't the other associations in other countries count for something too? Don't you think they are just as talented? Smh.

  13. Woke Pop lost his last Olympic coaching gig before. He is so bad and it is intentional. He hates USA and has NO BUSINESS coaching them. A big middle finger to Pop the jackazz who got draft picks from heaven his entire career.

  14. Not against USA at all but NBA and Women's SOCCER I am hoping get spanked! Both teams need to leave the losers they are! And don't come home cuz the door is locked!

  15. Do you foret that on last EUROBASKET – 2017 – Slovenia takes gold witn not looisng one game – Slovenia with Doncicn and Dragič bit France 95 – 78 …..

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