The Worst Things about France

My lovely France! The country of my biggest inspirations, Cyprien and Norman. I should have learned French before coming to Paris because I found myself in some very embarrassing situations.







  1. This guy can’t be so freaking funny, damn, he’s undoubtedly the best comedian on YouTube, even the best comedian I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many.

  2. Hello! How could you speak any language perfectly, everytime i watched your videos? Good on you. From Australia.

  3. about cheese:
    the worse is the smell, the better is the taste… seems illogical, but true.
    there's more than 1000 different cheeses in france fiy :p

  4. France is the 2nd country i hate the most , all romania and moldova are filled with people obesed with it.i cant like it if every where i see is "learn french for ur future" while im better at english.i see a better future when learning japaneese or smth but not french

  5. Im Dutch and i would feel so stupid and uneducated if i only could speak Dutch….as an european you should at least speak english (and one extra language in my opinion). I can speak French but on holiday in France i always start a conversation in English just to fool around with them. I want to force them to learn English like most decent people.

  6. In Canadian French, je suis chaud means drunk and gelé means stoned! So Quebecers can be chaud in winter and gelé in summer! Talk about insane meanings…..

  7. Well, I admit that french is one of the worst language :'-)
    Everyone makes mistakes with this nightmare's grammar ! And I AM french (I went once to Paris, absolutely not my favorite city)

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