UK PM asks France to take back Channel-crossing migrants • FRANCE 24 English

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote to French President Emmanuel #Macron on Thursday asking France to immediately start taking back all #migrants who land in #England after crossing the Channel, after at least 27 died when their boat foundered off #Calais.

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  1. UK govt could stop this pantomime easily by saying that nobody who enters the UK illegally will be permitted to stay.

  2. Why is it taking so long to come to this conclusion. they should have been done 5 years ago. the people in Britain know this for a long time. why is it taking the government so long.

  3. They are all going through the paces as if they care, only are they doing this to save their brownie points in the eyes of the voters, in UK they more attention to not calling someone something they object to, like the hate bill in Scotland, all done to keep votes going there way, you in the UK are the main problem, you make it so enticing for illegal folk to come, you give them far too much, far too soft, whilst your own citizens go cold, have not enough food, parents both working but cannot make ends meet, yet you welcome and let stay anyone that wanders in, the politicians have hidden this problem for years as has the media, why ? because they do not want to alarm you, because they know that they are letting in folk who hate you and will possibly do harm, especially if things go bad for them, it has happened and will happen again, these people are use to just taking, life is cheap in their countries, they are hundreds of years behind, and you welcome them.

  4. macron cancels meeting… scum bag is happy for more to die ,if it gets him a few votes in next election

  5. No the english could infect them with new variant and be a Nation Security Threat to the EU and France, Something France Must take into consideration for the Safety of the Entire EU.
    Brexit has already Proved the tory government can Not be Trusted in Any Way shape or form.

  6. These migrants are coming from the middle east. Their countries have been destroyed by the US and UK in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq which France did not follow. These people want to go to the UK which is not part of the European Union anymore. So France should just let these people go there and stop spending ressources for the Perfidious Albion. It is a UK problem.

  7. The French government are purposely aiding immigrants in getting to UK shores cos they don't want to deal with migrants and always like to be awkward

  8. Macron is making France look incredibly silly in the eye's of the world, I've never seen a head of state act like a petulant child before,for the whole of European Union this is quite scary.

  9. Petulant, irrational, juvenile…..Never trust the Frogench…..these pictures are going all over the world.

  10. The French government ARE the criminal organisation behind the crossings, using petty excuses and cancelling meetings is proof of that ( how do we get empty head Labour moron supporters to understand) that’s a bigger issue!.

  11. Funny how the French can impound a fishing boat over a paperwork error but just watch when migrants get into boats and go to their death.

  12. 7 comments, 4 are erased. That's some free speech right there. Ya know, censorship and shutting people's mouths doesn't do a thing.

  13. Nonsense, if they are sent back, they will just go across a second time. They want to go to the UK and are prepared to die to get there.

  14. France won't take them back neither will they let the uk be involved in the border patrols because France knows they got no other way to clear out the immigrants other than to watch them leave for the uk



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