UK warns France it may retaliate over fishing threats – BBC News

Boris Johnson is to meet the French President Emmanuel Macron to try to defuse growing tensions over post-Brexit fishing rights.

France claims the UK has denied fishing licences to dozens of its boats. Britain says some French vessels don’t meet the rules for fishing in UK waters.

France has already impounded one UK vessel and is threatening to block British boats entering its ports. Boris Johnson says he’s willing to do anything necessary to protect UK interests.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by political correspondent Alex Forsyth.

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  1. They are just mad becasue they already know what will happen to their fishing industry.. they saw what they did to ours!

  2. Let's go to war with them, take their white flags and country off them…..Which they should have lost in 1945

  3. I’m sick of bloody winging France. Government once again let’s British fishermen down. We are bending over backwards to help France. Man up and tell them how it is and also stop these immigrants coming into Britain.

  4. Bonzo needs something to distract us from how bloody useless he is. The Gammons will will be whooping it up.

  5. Who ever could have seen this coming eh…. Brexit doing what Brexit does best. Just take solace in the fact Remain was right about everything all along. The country's f****d, but the vindication feels good.

  6. Dear France,
    Kindy f*****f and stay in your own fishing waters. Oh, and also stop sending your undesirables over here in dinghys. We have our own and call them tories.
    Cheers 🖤💜🖤

  7. Jersey is the thorn in the side of France…Jersey means that the UK sees its boundaries extend right across the Channel into French waters. This puts the French in a bad position. The Med is fished out…the English Channel is full of fish because the English don't fish their water into oblivion. The French have exhausted their waters of catch. We have no obligation anymore to the EEC and so can dictate what happens in UK waters….I think we need to manage our waters and fish stocks…regardless of what our neighbours think. If the French want to fish in our waters…they abide by our laws….we determine who fishes and by what quantity.

  8. Look people it all pre planned and worked out in advanced……so desperate….and if it’s conflict,guess what that is worked out beforehand as well!!!….stop falling for government propaganda gobshi*e

  9. The French better watch out . . . Boris might just order the British bobby's to hoist their wooden stick thingies and wave them at these uppity French fishing fellows . . .

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