US troops leave Afghanistan • FRANCE 24 English

The United States on Monday completed its withdrawal from #Afghanistan, ending America’s longest #war and closing a chapter in military history likely to be remembered for colossal failures, unfulfilled promises and a frantic final exit that cost the lives of more than 180 Afghans and 13 U.S. service members, some barely older than the war.


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  1. Me n my friend predicted this when we were 14 year olds and we discussed this while hiding in orchads so we could smoke away from people's eyes.

  2. 美國911有多少人死去?可能大約多過三千人,但美國製造反恐借口軍事攻擊好多國家,讓好多非洲和中東國家無辜人民死去,這些被美國殺害無辜人民人數多過美國911好多倍,誰是更恐怖?
    how many people die on 911 with America? maybe about more than 3000 peoples, but America make a excuse is anti-terrorism with military attacks to many countries, it's make many more innocent peoples was died in Africa and middle east countries, these innocent peoples by America kill is number more than USA 911 so much times, who is more terrifically?

  3. Obliging to congratulate Afghanistan people on greatest victory gained after two decades resistance. Afghanistan people had a glorious victory over Alexander z great, USSR, USA, And it's allies. The victory remarks the end of new colonial order. And ushering the eastern world Asia and Africa to create theirs largest international community.

  4. Leave Afghanistan alone !
    Let her determine her course. The Afghans are happy now that foreigners have left their country.

  5. When dealing with Democrats you must be attentive with the words they use. The equipment that they were referring to that they disabled are the American owned not the one given to the Afghan Army. The billions worth of equipment that the Taliban captured all of those are operational.

  6. I doubt America hold the position of world's no. 1superpower, they've already lost their ground and run like wildfires from every country they've invaded. The world has no doubt about it that American is the number one terrorist country in the world along with its associated countries those who inveded other countries in name peace installations

  7. If you ever feel useless, just remember USA took 4 Presidents, thousands of lives, trillions of dollar and 20 years to replace Taliban with Taliban.

  8. What a mess ! What a disgrace ! Thanks to the American President Joe Biden ! You are always a "precedent " of total failure in American and world history.

  9. 💐💐 plz support balochisthan 💐💐
    💐💐Plz support bano kareema baloch💐💐…..
    💐💐plz support Pakistan minority's 💐💐
    😠😠plz support sanction Pakistan 😠😠

  10. Ungreatful SOBs. after US spent over 2 trillion dollars and sacrifise over two thousand US soldiers in Afghanistan you blame the US for the status ya'll in.

  11. The Pentagon just announced there would be 50,000 Afghans flown into Dulles Airport U.S. Will they be quietly flown to U.S. after U.S. troops have now departed Afghanistan? Who will screen Afghans to ensure no terrorists are mixed in with children and women when they land?

  12. US arms compromised. Now they will be sold to china through pakistan, reverse engeneered. Other nations who have them already, may risk depend on.

  13. Afghanistan? Taliban replacing taliban.
    Its crazy.
    The worlds money invested on building a much stronger terrorist country now!

  14. US spent about $3 trillion dollars in its 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan, for nothing. It invaded Afghanistan back in 2001 for the purpose of getting rid of the Taliban. Today, 2021 the US withdraw and once again the Taliban is back in power. Such a DEFEAT!!

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