World’s Best First Class? Air France La Premiere 2021

I flew Air France from Nice to Dubai. During online check-in I decided to upgrade my ticket from Business Class to La Premiere, which is Air France’s very exclusive First Class.

I was escorted to the plane by an Air France agent in Nice. After a non-eventful one-hour domestic flight, I arrived at Paris CDG where I was met by my personal escort and a limo to the Air France Salon La Premiere (lounge). I enjoyed some of the great French food and drink there before I headed off for my next flight to Dubai.

The Air France Paris to Dubai flight was a B777-300/ER. I was fortunate enough to be the only passenger in La Premiere. Take a look at the understated luxury design and elegance of the cabin. Combine with great French gastronomy and La Premiere remains one of my favourite all-time First-Class experiences. During the video, I also reveal the best way to fly in La Premiere.


  1. I would put Air France, among Emirates, Singapore Airlines, ANA and Lufthansa among my top 5 First Class experience. Have you traveled in Air France La Premiere? What are your thoughts? I hope you find the tip of getting a last-minute buy upgrade useful to fly on this product. OK before you think airline pay me to say great things, think twice! Which airline pays me to reveal their lowest upgrade secret to harm that First Class revenue? 🙂

  2. you flying on the residence and saying this is the best first class seriously how stupid NOTHING BEATS THE RESIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(well maybe emirates as etihad retired the 380) BUT ANYWAYS STOP THIS !!!!!!!!!!

  3. No French overcharged DS luxury car? No luxury is complete if it's without it.
    That's a Volkswagen, meaning a People's car.

  4. Cher Sam. Thanks for everything ! With you it is like to go on vacations… and dreaming ! Thank you toda raba merci !

  5. Been flying AF for the last 5 years even during the pandemic for work. All I can say is the service is getting worse everytime I use them due to cost cutting. Last flight we barely got a platter of dry pasta with sauce and a piece of bread. Hard times calls for hard measures but AF really is in need of cash!

  6. Hello, Sam
    thank you for your travel videos which made me feel new experiences. I am always watching your videos.

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